Sharon "Jodi" Morrison

Sharon Morrison, whom we call "Jodi", grew up in a military family. She was born in West Colina, California but landed at Fort Benning and grew up in Columbus, GA. 

Marriage lead Jodi to Buena Vista 9 years ago and she's loved it here in our small town. Jodi is super friendly, fun and energetic and runs the dining room with a loving authority. You can catch a video of Jodi dancing around the dining room every so often on our Facebook page.

What's amazing; her customers follow her! If you haven't met her, do yourself a favor. You'll become her long time guest/friend and a member of our family here at The Dove! 

Devon Briggs

Devon Briggs is a Marion County High School C/O 2020 Graduate. He's committed to Mercer University C/O 2024 as a Billington Sanders Scholar in the area of Computer Science. Devon has been dual enrolled at GSW for two years and lettered in Varsity Baseball.

Dev's a character; a jokester and takes pride in his catalogue of "random knowledge". Dev is our host, "delivery dude", and handles most of our technical system functions. He also bends to Jodi's every beckon call when she has a "technology issue". Baseball is his second love, advanced mathematics and physics is third; both falling behind his younger brother and sister.  Devon is a well rounder young man who will spend this summer in coding boot camps hoping to confirm his interest before entering college in the fall. we are very proud of our eldest son! #GOBEARS 

Dominic Briggs

Dominic Briggs better known as"Dom" is a rising junior at Marion County High School. He enjoys math, art and working on his car. He prefers to work with his hands, behind the scene in our kitchen. He's mastered the fryer and has moved to the grille and helps prepare the dishes tyou've grown to love! Dom, is the creator of our Oreo Beignets and is currently perfecting a "Smokehouse Burger" that we plan to introduce soon.

 He enjoys gaming, bike riding, 4 wheeling and adores his baby sister Kadyn and plans to work in auto collision repair and paint.

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